Stonebridge Partners has a strong operating orientation and broad expertise across a variety of businesses. The Firm invests significant capital after the acquisition to facilitate growth, whether through the expansion of a company’s facilities, purchase of new equipment, and/or acquisition of complementary businesses. Working in concert with management, Stonebridge actively seeks synergistic acquisitions for its core companies and assists with the acquisition and integration of these businesses.

Stonebridge forms a partnership with each portfolio company management team from the outset of a relationship. The Partners work with management to establish a long-term strategy for the business, with an emphasis on growth, continual improvement and enhanced asset utilization. Stonebridge maintains a hands-off approach in the daily operations of well-run portfolio companies, and, applying the expertise of its Partners, actively assists management of underperforming businesses in problem identification and resolution.

Stonebridge’s Operating Partners are also able to provide insight into certain areas in which the management teams of smaller businesses may be less familiar, such as management development and enhancement, systems development and implementation, worldwide product sourcing, add-on acquisition strategy, execution and integration, and strategic planning, among others. Stonebridge strives to remain flexible and responsive to continually changing market conditions, providing the resources and insight the portfolio companies need in order to outpace their industry.


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