Stonebridge Partners Acquires Really Innovations as an Add-on to BrandFX

Stonebridge Partners has completed the acquisition of Really Innovations through BrandFX Body Company (“BrandFX”), a portfolio company since August 2013. The acquisition of Really Innovations fits well with Stonebridge’s growth strategy for BrandFX, adding more specialized product lines and opening access to several key customers within the pest control and lawn care markets.

Really Innovations has a longstanding reputation for its expertise in the design and manufacture of fiberglass components fitted to vehicles servicing the lawn care and pest control markets. These custom fiberglass products provide superior performance by adding strength and reliability while reducing weight. Specialized fiberglass products include tanks, one-piece decks and headboards.

BrandFX is based in Fort Worth, Texas and is a manufacturer of composite service truck bodies used largely by utility companies and contractors. BrandFX dominates the composite truck body market and is well known for producing the highest quality truck bodies available. Composite truck bodies offer numerous advantages over more traditional steel bodies including significant weight reduction, which results in reduced fuel and maintenance costs, and also offers customers the flexibility to move to smaller, less expensive vehicles.  BrandFX plans to expand the manufacturing capability and capacity of Really Innovations, which will support further growth.

For further information, please contact Michael S. Bruno, Jr, Managing Partner, at (914) 682-2700 x13 or .