Stonebridge Partners Portfolio Company, Safety Infrastructure Solutions, Completes Another Add-On Acquisition of a Regional Competitor

Safety Infrastructure Solutions (“SIS” or the “Company”), a Fund IV portfolio company of Stonebridge Partners, completed the acquisition of Z Corp in late December, 2012. Z Corp is a complimentary regional infrastructure company with multiple locations in the southern region of the United States. The acquisition opens up a new, attractive marketplace for SIS while providing strong regional management as well as substantial fleet assets.

Since the Stonebridge acquisition of SIS in March of 2012, the company has almost doubled its number of locations which now amount to over a dozen. Growth has come from complimentary acquisitions in combination with two greenfield startups. Stonebridge continues to pursue add on acquisitions for SIS of companies which primarily rent and sell infrastructure safety products to a broad group of industrial customers for applications in highway construction and repair, pipeline construction and repair, industrial plant infrastructure, water works, airport infrastructure markets, and a host of other construction and repair applications. Products include safety signage and related products, as well as water abatement systems.

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